Monday, December 7, 2009

A FunNy AnEcdoTe!

The Same

A Chinese and Steven Spielberg were drunk inside The BAR.

Spielberg: (Hit the Chinese on the face)
Chinese: Why did you hit me?
Spielberg: Because you bombed the Pearl Harbor.
Chinese: But that's Japanese. I'm Chinese.
Spielberg: Japanese.. Chinese.. Vietnamese. All the same.

: (Hit Spielberg on the face)
Spielberg: Why did you hit me?
Chinese: Because you destroyed Titanic.
Spielberg: But that's not me, it's the Iceberg.

: Iceberg.. Carlsberg.. Spielberg. You're all the same.


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CaesariaN said...

haha! Got this one on a book titled " Funny Anecdotes" while browsing stuffs on National Bookstore.

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