Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Baket may tahi sa noo si Frankenstein?


Nauntog sya! ;P


Baket "hihihihihi" ang sinasabi ng mga "Witch"?


Naunahan na kasi sila ni Santa Klaws sa "hohohohoho".


Baket Pumpkin ang sikat na gulay pag-Halloween?


Kasi panget tingnan kung mag-kukorte ka ng mukha sa sitaw, talong, kamatis, etc.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Songwriter "Wannabe"? Part II

lyrics by: ICM


Hindi mo ba napapansin parang napag-iiwanan ka na?
Kung si Luis may Nancy, Anne at Tony
Yung iba nakalima na o higit pa

Yung kaklase mo sa Geometry na parang walang sinabi
pero magaling palang dumiskarte
Yung nasasalubong mong kahit hindi malakas ang dating
pero dala-dalawa naman ang kasama
Kung ako lang ipagtatayo na kita ng rebolto sa Luneta
Daig mo pa kasi ang martir na Gomburza


Porma ng porma hanggang dun lang naman pala ang kaya
Puro ka lang salita wala naman sa gawa
Ewan ko ba guwapo ka sana
pero Torpe ka ba?


Torpe ka ba o sobra lang sa pagkatanga?
Dahil nakikita mo na
Napapansin mo na
Pero panay ka lang dedma


Sabi mo wala kang alam sa panliligaw
at mahiyain pa
Pero dahilan ba yun para manahimik ka?

Naaalala ko pa nung minsan sa library
may babaing lumapit sa'yo at gustong makipagkilala
Hindi ka ba nahihiya?
Ikaw ang lalaki pero ikaw pa ang hinaharana

repeat REFRAIN
repeat CHORUS

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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Songwriter "Wannabe"?

hello!I have been inspired by some television commercials.

So I said to myself..

I will make my own commercial jingle.

Here it goes.

by: ICM


I was sitting on the bench
Keeping busy and having fun in what I read

I was thinking stuff's that are out of this world
And my head keeps on playing different song's

Then suddenly you passed by
You flashed your wonderful SMILE


I'm stock in my place unable to move
Because my eye's follows your direction
All the other things just faded away
While you shine with your SMILE..
I am Constantly Hypnotize


All that I see is you
All that I hear is you
There's nothing else in my mind
But that strange day you SMILED at me

(repeat CHORUS)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

YES/NO to Reproductive Health Bill?

The hottest topic now in our country is the implementation of the RH bill.

Modern family planning and contraceptives were been introduced by our government but the community of Christian Church is against to it.

The main reason of implementing RH bill is to control the growing population of our country and in order to save our poor economic status.

But in my case I will go on the side of the Christian Church. It's not because I don't care nor I'm pretending blind to our economic status. It's because..


If your parents would have used contraceptives during their times, could you imagine that you're not here on EARTH at this very moment? What if today's couples used contraceptives, don't they know that the person's they suppose to be born will be the NEXT BIG THING in the Philippines, and who might knows, maybe around the globe.

Manny Pacquiao once said " If my parents would have used contraceptives, the Philippines will not have a CHAMPION today".

And also, I can't imagine that the person's that matters most to me and THE ONE that will catch my attention.. in the near future, would not be here today, just because their parents used "it". c",)

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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Holy Bible

"The book that we always kept aside and left behind"

Do we have time to stop for a moment or even take a piece of time from our busy schedules to read "The Bible"?

Most of us are busy in our works, in our studies, in our devotions to our favorite pastimes, in playing our favorite games, in working in rush and double-time for that business proposals/presentations/deals, school projects. household chores etc.

And we don't have much time to read and pay our attentions to the most precious thing that really deserves a special attention. We all live in a fast-paced world. But, is not it good to see that despite our busy lifestyles, even in our tough times and downed moments we still managed to read the Bible.

After all we're been called the adopted son of Jesus. Because he sacrificed himself and died on the cross for us. He have no sin but He have sinned for us.

Imagine if Jesus was then busy on his duties or maybe He's busy on his favorite pastimes that he did not think of saving us first.

We all experienced good times and happy moments and God will much be delighted if we share even just a few minutes to read his words, the "Holy Bible".


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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Things I WONDER

there are things that i wonder about.

why does our government are always ON for innovations, structural projects, renovations, improvements, partner deals with other countries for marketing and many others. why is it that in hospitals (like what my prof. in Logic said) "YOU WILL NOT DIE OF YOUR SICKNESS, YOU'LL DIE FOR BEING MONEYLESS". why is it that there's a rule like that. does they mean that THE CURE IS ALREADY THERE(for those who's dying of sickness) BUT BECAUSE OF THEY'VE NO MONEY, THEY WOULD REFRAIN THEM FOR CURING OR RECEIVING THE IMMEDIATE CURE.

why is it that there are persons out there(the one we see in real life and in t.v.) who survive through out their everyday lives by feeding on in garbage's leftovers, while some (include me) are wasting their foods.

why does our OFFICIALS are acting blind in seeing beggars, old people, street children, disabled people on sidewalks.. this made me realize one of the line in the book The Little Prince Prince "It is only through heart that one sees rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye".

i wonder why this people mentioned above are being left over by our industries, our countries progress. why do we priorities first other things than our PEOPLE. did we forgot what our national hero Jose Rizal once said... "Our PEOPLE is the HOPE of our country".

but take this scene for example.

if this beggar(rubbish person, street child) is been kidnapped for instance by terrorists or maybe they were just trapped into the midst of war in Iraq, for sure our government will do everything they could and maybe spend millions just to get them out of trouble. i wonder how they can all do that, BREAK THE ODDS, DO THE IMPOSSIBLE, but they cant afford to provide them (the beggars etc.) just a simple dose of food and shelter for their lives or maybe just as simple as THEIR ATTENTION.


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