Friday, October 10, 2008

The Things I WONDER

there are things that i wonder about.

why does our government are always ON for innovations, structural projects, renovations, improvements, partner deals with other countries for marketing and many others. why is it that in hospitals (like what my prof. in Logic said) "YOU WILL NOT DIE OF YOUR SICKNESS, YOU'LL DIE FOR BEING MONEYLESS". why is it that there's a rule like that. does they mean that THE CURE IS ALREADY THERE(for those who's dying of sickness) BUT BECAUSE OF THEY'VE NO MONEY, THEY WOULD REFRAIN THEM FOR CURING OR RECEIVING THE IMMEDIATE CURE.

why is it that there are persons out there(the one we see in real life and in t.v.) who survive through out their everyday lives by feeding on in garbage's leftovers, while some (include me) are wasting their foods.

why does our OFFICIALS are acting blind in seeing beggars, old people, street children, disabled people on sidewalks.. this made me realize one of the line in the book The Little Prince Prince "It is only through heart that one sees rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye".

i wonder why this people mentioned above are being left over by our industries, our countries progress. why do we priorities first other things than our PEOPLE. did we forgot what our national hero Jose Rizal once said... "Our PEOPLE is the HOPE of our country".

but take this scene for example.

if this beggar(rubbish person, street child) is been kidnapped for instance by terrorists or maybe they were just trapped into the midst of war in Iraq, for sure our government will do everything they could and maybe spend millions just to get them out of trouble. i wonder how they can all do that, BREAK THE ODDS, DO THE IMPOSSIBLE, but they cant afford to provide them (the beggars etc.) just a simple dose of food and shelter for their lives or maybe just as simple as THEIR ATTENTION.


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