Tuesday, October 21, 2008

YES/NO to Reproductive Health Bill?

The hottest topic now in our country is the implementation of the RH bill.

Modern family planning and contraceptives were been introduced by our government but the community of Christian Church is against to it.

The main reason of implementing RH bill is to control the growing population of our country and in order to save our poor economic status.

But in my case I will go on the side of the Christian Church. It's not because I don't care nor I'm pretending blind to our economic status. It's because..


If your parents would have used contraceptives during their times, could you imagine that you're not here on EARTH at this very moment? What if today's couples used contraceptives, don't they know that the person's they suppose to be born will be the NEXT BIG THING in the Philippines, and who might knows, maybe around the globe.

Manny Pacquiao once said " If my parents would have used contraceptives, the Philippines will not have a CHAMPION today".

And also, I can't imagine that the person's that matters most to me and THE ONE that will catch my attention.. in the near future, would not be here today, just because their parents used "it". c",)

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