Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Fall Out Boy Album out now


I'm not a fan but I'm just excited to hear what THEY'VE GOT in their new album . I already hear some of their songs before so i thought I BETTER CATCH UP TO THIS BAND.

So I will now list my favorites (Yes, There's a lot). I like the 1st song titled disloyal orders of water buffalos, it's a beautiful song that will 1st hit your Craving Ears. Another one that I love is she's my winona, this one is quite a theme song for lovers, finally finding your one and true love (because it says "oooh I found her, oooh I found her", hayyy how sweet di ba?).

Another beautiful one is america's suitehearts , this one really ROCKS! There's also the (shipped) gold standard. I love the twelveth track 20 dollar nose bleed, this one is crazy, it sounds like a better soundtrack to Sesame Street and Barney, it's like a Happy-go-Lucky song.

Last but not the list that you must hear is the eight track what a catch, donnie this one is one of the dominating single according to some reviews.

The album titled "Folie a Deux" a French word meaning "a madness shared by two". Puzzled? just see their album cover.

This album is probably one of the better that we will be getting this year!

20 Dollar Nose Bleed >for me is a Happy-Go-Lucky type. Just listen to its Melody. And you'll know what I mean. This one better speaks-of their album cover. It's a good soundtrack 4 u and ur bestbud, when u just wanna go crazy and just shared madness w/ each other til you both drop. ;P


FOB will have a concert on Feb। 13 at the Big Dome!

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