Sunday, May 31, 2009

New BlackEyedPeas Album Coming

new BEP(BlackEyedPeas) album will be out on June 9 (US date).

So to all BEP FANS (count me) who've waited almost 4 years since their last album(Monkey Business)..

The Time has Come..

Its THE E-N-D.

I know that the album title gives a Negative Approach. But don't worry because as you noticed there is a dash (-) in between the END, calling our attentions to Not Judge It easily.

The E-N-D stands for The Energy Never Dies. This is what it feels like when, Fergie, Taboo, and are performing their songs. Their songs Never Dies.. It Inflicts. The 1st single is currently playing nationwide titled "Boom Boom Pow". It has already reached the #1 spot on Billboard Hot 100.

Accdg. to the music of the new album has a lot of dance stuff, real melodic, electronic, soulful.

PS: my sincere apology to Fergie as she looks more like Michael Jackson este Janet Jackson here!


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