Friday, May 1, 2009

tHinGs U can Do This SUmMer


So take Advantage of this Opportunity to Do Something...

Something Weird... Cool... Refreshing... Interesting...

1. Read a Book

even though it's quite lazy to read a book, it's still is an Accomplishment once you've finished one. plus the adventure and excitement you'll learn along the way that would definitely change your perspective and views in LIFE.

2. Have an Ice Cold homemade COFFEE

just put ICE on your usual Hot Black Coffee... and your On! A refreshing way to Beat SUMMER.

3. Watch your favorite Movies at Home

a nice way to relax and sit down. like a Couch Potato! enjoy a Movie Marathon..

4. Try out a New Hobby

try something you haven't done before... fly Kite, Learn how 2 Cook, Paint/Draw, Learn how to Play instruments like Guitar, Keyboard, Violin.. learn how 2 Drive (even though you don't have a Car yet, who cares?)

5. Indulge in a BUSINESS

take advantage of this opportunity to Earn some Bucks. W ether it's Halo-Halo, SaMalamig, Shakes, Apparels, Clothing, Accessories, it will surely give YOU a Great Experience!

Whatever it is YOU planned to do... Just make this Summer one of YOUR GREAT ONEs!

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