Friday, November 7, 2008

What Are Ur Memories Of The 90's?

I am always delighted when it comes to talking about the 90's.

I am reminded of the BACKSTREETBOYS, N'SYNC, STEPS, 911, VENGABOYS and who will forget the MOFFATTS?

I would never forget the song MMMBOP by Hanson.

I would always remember the tv shows like Super Laugh In, PALIBHASA LALAKI, OBER DA BAKOD, MC GYVER, ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?, ULTRAMAN, POWER RANGERS, FIVEMAN.. and many more!

You might say im "WEIRDO" watching the likes of NILO, CHAO MARCO, HULYO AT HULYA, SI MARY AT ANG LIHIM NA HARDIN, SNOW WHITE, PETER PAN, CAPTAIN PLANET, MOBY DICK, MIGHTOr, MOJACKO, are you familiar with STARLA? on ch.7! and who will forget MR. BUGOS?

Who would forget the TAMAGOTCHI craze..

I would never forget during this decade, when I was only in GRADE 2, that I said "PAKISABI KAY --- I LOVE U"...(just a puppy love)




Anonymous said...

dAt waz during my chiLdh0od dayZ & aLL i can say s "aLa p qng kmuwang-muwang s mund0," watz 0n my mind s aLl b0wt pLaying bUt dEn fv0rEyt q n nUn bAnd a1&westLyf..fAv m0vie,,pr0babLy cndeLLa untiL n0w p rn nMn eh..

manu said...

when speaking of the 90's, it always remind mo of The Street Boys! their acrobatic moves...

Anonymous said...

90's was the time wen I got my 1st medal,
sadly I didn't knew its real worth at that moment.
I was just a kid!
I don't know if I got excited but now I know it's definitely cool.

Anonymous said...

the movie "Titanic" was a hit during that time!
and I must say I enjoyed watching it.

the tv show "Ang TV"
was a real CRAZE..


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