Monday, November 24, 2008

Confessions of A Real Addict (a must read)

I don't know if it's just right to say this in public.

But lately it has been bothering me and the idea of letting it out is the only way to be free from this world I've been for so many years.

This Act of Spilling the Beans will CHANGE my Life forever..

I admit that I've been with this substance for so many years. It's the one where I get my strength whenever I'm down. Whenever I feel the urge of taking it, I just go to the kitchen, and there my
sessions BEGIN.

I was really addicted to it that I have my sessions 2 or even 4 times a day. My body would not function well and it feels uncomfortable and weak without taking it.

It started when I once saw my
father taking it. My lolo was into it too. I think it's already in our blood.

Lately I've been forcing my friends to try it too.. And I was very successful.

It is my source of strength. The one who keeps me company whenever I'm lonely.
Whenever I have school projects this one never fails to give me comfort and make me stay awake until the next morning.

I also dared tried to offer it to my
Mom.. but she said "I prefer the TEA"




CaesariaN said...

Don't call the Cops!


erika said...

LOL, I'm an addict too and now I'm on a love rehab XD

dyosa said...

Hi, I'm Dyosa (All: Hi Dyosa)
And I'm a coffee addict.
My last cup was 5 minutes ago and I know that I'll be having one again after 60 minutes.

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