Saturday, December 20, 2008

An Interview w/ Manny & Oscar Left People Shocked



There are rumors that an
Exclusive Interview was made after the Press Conference of their fight.

As you read through this you wouldn't believe the words these two have exchanges.

Interviewer: Good Evening Manny.. Oscar! How are you guys doin?

Oscar: I'm fine.. feel sooo GREAT!

Manny: I'm Ok.. I'm FINE!

Interviewer: How long have you trained for this fight? What are your preparations?

Manny: I trained 4 almost 5 months and I could still imagine the hardships I've encountered. I went to the Gym training almost 24/7.
( Oscar was shocked and felt a Butterfly In His Stomach)

Oscar: What I did was totally a Hell Of A Training. Believe me. You wouldn't want me to further elaborate it.
(Manny's blood pressure soared high)

Interviewer: Who do you think will dominate the fight?

Oscar: I don't know (then smiles). I think it's Manny! He's really in good shape. I COULD SEE THAT HIS ENERGY AND SPIRIT IS BURSTING.

Manny: No! I think it's Oscar. He has the more advantage. (tap Oscar on his shoulder) You know you're my idol.
(Oscar humbly smiles)

Interviewer: How long do you think the fight will last?

Oscar: I think it will probably go til 12 Round. No doubt.

Manny: Yes! It's surely to go all the way to round 12 and I think there will be a Split Decision.

Interviewer: (nod his head. he couldn't believe the humility, sportsmanship and respect both fighters are showing)

The Interview ended.

(Oscar and Manny shake hands and give each other a big hug)

Another Interviewer came. This time Oscar & Manny were interviewed in separate room.

Interviewer: How long have you trained 4 this? What are your preparations?

Manny: (Silent..... then flash a big SMILE)
I did not trained much 4 this. Actually I just started yesterday. Oscar is just an EASY OPPONENT, not a big deal. There are no preparations. Coach Freddie, Bob Arum and I spent all our time in Night Clubs here, we actually have booked ourselves w/ some Hot Girls here...hahahahaha..

On the other room:

Interviewer: How long have you trained 4 this fight?

Oscar: (Chuckles!) Are you serious? I hate trainings. I just spent my time checking my Friendster acct. eating then finally my favorite....SLEEPING.

Interviewer: What can you say about Manny?

Oscar: His English....No Comment! (ROTFL)

Interviewer: Who do you think will win this fight?

Oscar: (Laughing hard, pause 4 a moment catching his breath) It's very obvious! Manny is no much for me. He looks so brittle. I can even fight him BLINDFOLD. hahahahaha...

Interviewer: What is your message to Manny?

Oscar: How I wish you're still standing after the first round. Or else, you'll definitely kiss my F_ck_ng Ass!
(the interviewer was shocked)

On the other room:

Interviewer: Who do you think will win this fight?

Manny: Of course It's me! I can't imagine (in any means) he could handle all my blows... his Too Old. DUH!

Interviewer: What is your message 4 Oscar?

Manny: (Stand from his couch, Nagmura!) #%$*^@/$%# mo Oscar! Kanina pa ako Gigil sa'yo. Fight na! Fight!

After the interview Manny chance to see Oscar outside and Manny waved & Smiled to him (Genuinely).

And without hesitation Oscar replied a "Thumbs Up" with a Pure Clean Heart.

SIGH! c",)

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